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Groove video is where you can host your videos for free and have complete control over what happens to them. Ideal for hosting sales videos, online course videos, video sales letters, membership tutorials as well as any private videos.

This is a fully functional video hosting platform similar to Wistia or Vimeo to showcase your video content.

The Groove Video app allows you to customize your video controls, create custom thumbnails and comes with very helpful video analytics.

GrooveVideo is an app within the Groove CM platform.

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Groove Video

The Groove cm video app gives you state of the art interactive video components, which helps to generate hot leads. And gives you the ability to build engagement with your prospects and customers.

With the free account, at the time of writing this article you can upload fifteen videos. With the lifetime paid account it’s hosting up to 100GB of video content.


With GrooveVideo you can:

Insert text into your video to enhance your message.

Place strategic opt-in forms that will unlock your video for the visitor to watch. This works well as a strategy for building leads and email lists.

Add banners to your video. These can be clickable call to action banners or simple promotional banners.

Get vital video analytics such as the number of impressions and watch time.

Embed your videos anywhere you choose as you just copy and paste the code.

Other benefits of GrooveVideo

You can watermark your videos with either image or text.

You can add your own custom thumbnail on GrooveVideo?

Yes, you can design your own custom image thumbnail image and add to the video of your choice.

Your videos can be a set size or responsive.

You can choose whether to show the controls or not.

You can customize the video player colors.

This is a list of Groove videos

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