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GroovePay Review and Affiliate Program

Groovepay reviews are helpful if you are looking for a reliable merchant processing server. That will leave you free to concentrate on your business.

In this review you will find that groovepay is one of the top-rated merchant processing services for both its convenience and affordability. For merchants looking to offer their customers the convenience of online shopping, a merchant account is key. With it comes maximum protection and flexibility that would otherwise be out of reach when using simple payment processing solutions. It also gives businesses peace of mind knowing they can safely process payments in no time!

GroovePay Merchant Payment Services

Since being established Groove Pay has partnered with and processed payments for the elite of the e-commerce and Internet marketing industries, such as these below.

  • Digital Marketers - Influencers, Educators, Passion Project Experts, Launch Gurus

    eCommerce - Physical Products, Print-On-Demand, Drop Shippers

    Health and Wellness - Fitness, Diet, Health Marketing Educators

    Consultants - Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Consultants

    Live Events - Large Multi-Speaker Sales Events, Workshops

    Software Services - SAAS, Online Software, Apps, Desktop Software

    Small Business - Brick And Mortar, Salons, Storefronts, Food Services


    Professional Services - B2B, Agencies, Accounting, Advertising, Legal

  • Improved Merchant Processing

    When it comes to online and eCommerce merchant accounts, Groove provides unrivalled value and service to businesses.

    With an online retail business, it's all about making sales, of course. And in order to trade your wares for cash, you'll need a system to handle these financial dealings. Groove offers you the merchant processing solution you need. In the realm of merchant account solutions for e-commerce and online enterprises, GroovePay stands head and shoulders above the competition.


    A bank-backed merchant account is superior to the more common Stripe or other online payment alternative if you want to process a high volume of credit card transactions online. It's possible that customers wouldn't notice any difference between utilising Stripe or a bank-sponsored merchant account, but the latter will make an attempt to learn more about your business and the volume of credit cards it processes.

    If your bank-sponsored merchant account is ever cancelled or stopped, you can always open a new one with another bank. In the event that you forget your Stripe password or account information, you will be completely helpless.

    In this review and other groovepay reviews you will find that Groove benefits business in the ways listed below. Correct at the time of writing.

    • 2.85% +$0.25 per transaction - No Application Fees - No Monthly PCI Fees - No Monthly Statement Fees - No Annual Fees - No Minimum Monthly Processing Fees - No Cancellation Fees - Flat-Rate Pricing - Lowest Flat-Rate for Debit Card Transactions - Lowest Flat-Rate per Transaction Fee - No Gateway Fees - No Long Term Contracts, Month-to-Month - Super Fast Deposits - Instant Approvals *For qualified countries. products and services.

      Countries supported by GroovePay.

      Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India (local currency only), Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico (coming soon), Netherlands,New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

    Small Print Clauses

    There are no small print clauses with GroovePay. For example, PayPal and similar services charge a transaction fee of up to $10 per transaction, on top of any additional processing fees. Don't get tricked by seemingly reasonable costs on the banner ads, only to find out that there are hidden fees. Groove charge a fixed fee of 2.85% (or less in some situations) and a minimum of $0.25 USD each transaction when you use your account. This is for qualifying countries, products and services.

    Since they have extensive experience in both online retail and risk management, they are in a position of strength. And can communicate effectively with their preferred payment partners because of their knowledge of the payment processing language and the jargon used. Their familiarity with the ups and downs of e-commerce allows groovepay to mediate disputes on behalf of businesses.

    Groove Maintain Consistent Pricing

    Do you know that PayPal and other merchant processors have varying charges for customers in the United States and outside the country. Do not fall for out-of-date information on the internet. It appears that PayPal has discontinued its wholesale pricing structure.

    Reduced rates and no gateway fees are just two of the many benefits of using GroovePayTM. If you think you could be eligible, please get in touch with them.

    Having your company go dark at the worst conceivable time, such as during periods of high and low processing demand, is a nightmare scenario. GroovePay works with processing organisations who have a deep familiarity with merchants, their businesses, and the inherent volatility of online purchases. They understand that this is the reality for online ecommerce merchants and digital marketers.

    Stripe is fast to authorise, however they won't do their homework until you start processing a lot of transactions and you could be shut down or suspended. GroovePay is a bank-backed merchant account, so we'll take care of the details up front to prevent any unpleasant surprises down the road.

    Our research shows that providing a Credit Card Checkout option, like GroovePay, in addition to PayPal increases conversions.

    GroovePay Application Requirements.

    The application process can be completed in as little as four minutes, while the specific time needed to do so will vary by country and the nature of the goods and services being sold. Our approval times are quite quick.

    An important piece of advice for businesses seeking a merchant account is to ensure they have the same basic features in place on their website that are required by all processors.

    It takes time to process applications because many websites and funnels are denied because they lack the following:

    Conditions of Use of the Privacy Statement

    Expense Reimbursement Plan

    Details for Making Contact (Including Address and Telephone Number)

    Payment Choices (Card Association Logos) at Checkout

    In most cases, you can expect an instantaneous response, at most taking a few minutes. If it's taking too long, double-check your application and make sure you haven't made any of the following mistakes:

    Lack of attention to detail in applications and erroneous or missing contact information.

    Sales of high-risk goods and services that necessitate insurance coverage.

    Submissions from regions where we cannot currently handle data entry.

    Sudden adjustments in underwriting standards and policy evaluation.

    If you're having trouble, there is email [email protected]. And of course there is phone help too. Groove will assist you and work diligently to expedite your approval.

    GroovePay Affiliate Program

    Another perk is that when you know how good the service is. You can recommend the service to others and get paid when they start using the service. You are eligible to get a residual affiliate commission for any businesses that you introduce.

    You will receive a monthly residual income for any customers that you send to GroovePay. You will earn a percentage of the net residual earnings of the merchant that you suggest and uses GroovePay as their payment processing solution. Gain a percentage equal to 20% of the net paid residuals.


    Do I need a merchants account?

    With a merchant account, you can handle payments with the same scalability and security as large corporations.

    What if I already have a merchant account?

    Wow, that's awesome! To improve Groove pricing and customer service, they are continually on the lookout for merchants who are currently being processed. Also, most marketers have many merchant accounts as safety nets.

    Can I apply for a GroovePay merchant processing account if I have bad credit?

    Yes! Nonetheless, when high-risk items or services are offered for sale, some financial institutions may check the owner's credit.

    What if I am already using PayPal?

    A bank-sponsored merchant account can help you attract and retain consumers by providing a range of payment options for those who would prefer not to use PayPal, as well as other cost savings.

    What if I am already using Shopify Payments?

    If you've used Shopify Payments before, you know the service isn't cheap. You can save a lot of money on transaction costs by integrating a real merchant account into your backend.

    Why do so many experts recommend having backup merchant accounts?

    Large fluctuations in processing volume are a common reason why merchant account issuers put the brakes on online ecommerce businesses and digital marketers. Grooves processing partners are familiar with the needs of merchants and the dynamics of their businesses and online transactions.

    Should I have a different merchant account for each product (brand/website) that I sell?

    Yes. Selling under a generic company name might lead to chargebacks and other customer service issues. It's best practise to keep your merchant accounts and branding/websites consistent so that a customer can easily identify your brand/website/product.

    What is a relationship Payment Provider?

    Groove have become the Jerry Maguire of the credit card processing industry. Acting as a relationship payment provider by leveraging their merchant network and extensive industry expertise. To forge close bonds with their selected payments partners. Undoubtedly they have a firm grasp on the ups and downs of the e-commerce industry. And frequently mediate disputes between merchants and their chosen payment processing providers. Because of their expertise in e-commerce and risk management, they have a leg up on the competition, when it comes to negotiating with chosen payments partners.


    If you need a trustworthy merchant processing server, reading Groovepay reviews like those found here can help you make a good decision. Then you may focus on running your company without interruption. If you're looking for a reliable and reasonably priced merchant service, look no further than groovepay, which we rated highly and use.

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