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My GroovePages Review

My groovepages review is positive because I have been so impressed with the Groove.cm software. It is a really powerful web site, sales page and funnel builder.

When you do a comparison of groove vs kartra and groove vs clickfunnels you will see exactly how fantastic this software is. 

If you’re seeking an easy-to-use landing page, sales funnel and website creator, then Groovepages could be exactly what you need.


Let me tell you why, I bought the Groovepages crm lifetime deal.


Here I’m going to give you my no-fluff honest opinion of the software’s FULL capabilities. You can read through this groovepages review and then go check it out for yourself. Just head over to the site and claim your free account. And don't forget to claim your special bonus that will be available in the members area, when you use the links on this page.

You won't need a credit card either because the price of groovepages is free.

Instead of reading countless reviews why not do your own personal review and see why hundreds of thousands are using groove…

You'll be impressed too.

Don’t forget to look for the best offer. This came about because of the Covid 19 crises when they decided to give away a basic version of the groovepages program. So that anyone regardless of their financial circumstances could get online. This gives free software and free hosting for anyone.

So, if you are thinking about making money from home online and you’ve not created a free account. I would recommend claiming yours before the offer is removed. Also the groovepages bonus will be a help too.

This is an offer which is unbeaten anywhere on the internet.

Here is my personal review of the Mike Filsaime groovepages app.

I joined because of three factors.


1.      The Groovepages Pricing

The price of the groovepages software when I joined was a lifetime deal for $497. This was an outstanding deal for less than five hundred dollars I could build unlimited pages, landing pages and funnels.

And I was also automatically enrolled in the groovepages affiliate program which meant that I could offer Groovepages free to others and get paid. Quickly recouping my investment . This was a deal from heaven. So I grab it with both hands and have not regretted it ever.

I had previously been using a software platform from Builderall which was a bit frustrating and they always seemed to be changing things. For the price they seemed to offer a lot of tools but when I got into it, it seemed to me that builderall was a jack of all trades and master of non.

In fact I was considering switching back to expensive Clickfunnels or using Kartra and although it would have meant a bigger investment. I think things would have been a lot smoother.

So the groove digital trial offer came at the right time for me. Because when I did a vs clickfunnels and a vs kartra analyses, it showed Groovepages cm way out in front in every department.

So, if you are a user of other software then you should seriously look at groovepages because even with regular pricing you get more for less with groove.

There’s no free trial for thirty or fourteen days groovepages is just free for life with an option to upgrade whenever you want.

There is a limitation with the lite plan, as you would expect. You are limited to three custom domains and three sales funnels. At the time of writing this a move to a one is anticipated. So get your free account now.

To get unlimited everything, you will need to be on the groovepages lifetime plan.

Another benefit is that there is an automatic free affiliate program. Which means that as I introduce people to the groovepages software I get paid.


2.   The Groove Funnels Review Digital Software

I love the software, so easy and simple to use, to get outstanding professional results.

This is a service of the Groove Digital group and is all in one platform for online marketers. Here you’ll find email marketing, list building tools, website building and hosting, as well as groovepages.

It’s a complete business platform designed to run your entire online business! Groovepages brings everything together in a single account to make things easier and simpler for marketers. There is even a YouTube channel for help and advice, and you'll find the demo videos here too.

Even though this page builder is the new kid on the block it is already, in my opinion better than other software platforms like Kartra, Clickfunnels or Builderall. And groovepages is now in fact the leader in this marketplace.


The groovepages ground breaking software is a state of the art landing page, website & funnel builder. It is simple and easy to use with the drag and drop editor. And there are lots of templates that are easy to adapt.

You are able to create amazing professional websites and build highly effective sales funnels in an instant when you use the templates provided. The gallery of templates which are professionally designed are being added to all the time.

There’s plenty of templates on the groovepages free plan however lifetime customers get access to the entire gallery of templates.


For those who are technical the software use a progressive JavaScript framework called VUE:JS which means it’s more adaptable than any of its competitors. The benefit for you as a marketer is that your pages, funnels and websites will load much faster. And it is, at the time of writing, the only software that has a mobile first builder.

The groovepages app will build a page or a website very quickly. You can use the ready-made templates or of course you can always build a blank template from scratch. There is also full html access and coding for anyone who wants to do this kind of stuff.

If you have a web designer and he or she wants to do any ninja things then at any time they can just go into the editor and click on custom attributes and play away.

If you're looking to build funnels there’s loads of different types of funnel templates like webinar funnels, product launch funnels, landing page funnels, book funnels, list building funnels and tripwire funnels. Or you again can build your own.

There are loads of niche websites such as real estate, health and wellness and anything else. If you want to sell websites this is perfect. There are also thousands of royalty-free images that you can use together with countdown timers and other web design features.

There is a great style editor so you can preview of how everything is going to look on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.

A slight negative is that the groovepages software works best using a Chrome browser and they don’t recommend using Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Using Chrome with all the extensions turned off is the best way to edit. And of course with the Google mobile first promotion, it’s best to create with mobile in mind.

3.      The GroovePages People

groovePages founders

One of the reasons I joined groovepages even while it was in the beta stage was because of reading very positive groovepages reviews. And because of Mike Filsaime the CEO and co-founder of groove digital .


He has assembled a group of the smartest digital marketers and software developers with many years of software development skills and online marketing experience and developed skills. They have created a platform that features more and for much less cost than any other similar software on the market.

Mike as an online marketer stands out as a great by being responsible for more $1 Million Dollar launches for brands than any other marketer.

A software developer his companies have produced over $125 Million creating software to take away the frustration and overwhelm of online business.

Mike was the chief architect of Kartra, WebinarJam, DealGuardian, EverWebinar, Butterfly Marketing, PayDotCom and Evergreen Business System.

Now, he's created the fastest growing software in the world for online marketers. It is no wonder that now groovepages is the most popular, overtaking Clickfunnels in July 2020.

And it's good to know that it has been built by some of the best software developers there are. As well as Mike Filsaime there are John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, and Matt Serralta who are the co-founders of the company. All four of these guys have a five star status that makes this the go to software.

So although this groovepages software may well appear to be the new kid on the block. It’s created by experts who have years and years of involvement in developing effective marketing software.

groovepages access

Groovepages platform gives me all the tools I need for my online business and marketing


groovepages vs clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is I would think the biggest groovepages competitor and they are great at building sales funnels. But this is done on older technology and I believe that the clickfunnels website is built using wordpress. With all the problems that gives.

If you are familiar with Russel Brunson then you will know that the mantra is all to do with getting better conversion by using sales funnels.

This groovepages review is not to belittle ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson is a great salesman online and on the stage. It’s a wonderful company but very costly compared to what the offer at GrooveDigital is.

So, is GroovePages better than Click Funnels?

I’ve tried both and found the this groovepages app to be more responsive. And all the Groove.cm apps surpass ClickFunnels by some way.

If you are a clickfunnels devotee, I would suggest getting your free account with groovepages and comparing the two. You’ll be surprised not only at the quality of the software but at how much money you will save.

groovepages review makes things easier

groovepages vs kartra

Mike Filsaime was the co-creator of WebinarJam, Kartra and EverWebinar. As the software was being developed Mike linked up with a new development partner and overtime “creative differences” arose. So Mike negotiated a buyout which included a two year non-compete clause.

At the end of this period Mike built a team and with the use of crowdfunding raised almost two million dollars to develop Groove digital and groovepages as a latest platform in 1 year.

Kartra hasn’t moved on and is still operating on the old “outdated” page creation technology. Compared to groovepages users find that it is clunky as they edit larger pages. And, of course being older technology it isn’t using Mobile-First indexing.

Kartra is still good, although old. The advantage of groovepages is that it has been able to use the latest and 10x better framework in its development. The new platform is much more advanced in every way. It also has an SDK that allows others to develop apps for it as well. Groove is in the same ballpark as the iPhone, Android, WordPress, Chrome, Firefox and Shopify for app developers.

Why You Should Consider The Groovepages OTO

Groovepages will be an amazing boost for your website performance because all the loading when it's searched for is super fast. It comes onto peoples screen almost immediately. And Google loves speed when it comes to ranking websites. This software is a game changer for anyone online. They can build sites, hold webinars, sell services and products (for themselves or as an affiliate).


My own experience with online tools like Groovepages has been one of progression. Starting off with trying to hook up website builders, landing page creators, email services, digital deliveries, video broadcasting in to one easy to use system was impossible consuming time and money.


Then I went with click funnels which was very expensive and a bit clunky. They were good on the sales stuff but always seeking to get more and more money out of their customers a little bit like an MLM operation.

I then used Builderall which was a lot less expensive but not as good on the sales side. The problem with Builderall is that it tries to be jack of all trades and has ended up being master of none. They tend to release things all the time before they are quite ready and this of course causes problems. Again they tried to do things as a kind of network marketing operation for their affiliates, with points for this and points for that with qualifying stuff. No good.


 So as I said earlier that's what led me to this amazing groovepages software.

A Suite Of Amazing Tools with Groovepages Website Builder 

This software platform is ideal for the beginner because there is a free version of groovepages to get you started and it is so easy to use.

It's also very attractive to more seasoned online business users like myself. As it cuts costs and has everything an online business needs to succeed.

groovepages review main points

Groove Digital is the main platform and offers a host of affordable tools for your online business.This goes from free to paid.

Someone who is just starting out and wants to make money first before spending has found exactly what they are looking for here. The more experienced and wealthy will also be surprised at how much they can save by comparing with all the competitors.

So let me give you a list of what is available now or in the process of development.


GroovePages for Shopify






GrooveWebinars for Live Webinars

GrooveWebinars for Automated Webinars








My groovepages review to be complete needs to mention the price because budgets do matter. As I have already said there is an excellent free version of groovepages. That I would say everyone should make use of. When you do and I believe you will. You will see for yourself how good groovepages is. And over time will want to upgrade.

At the time of writing there are three upgrades available :-

The base plan

The gold plan and of course

The platinum plan


I love the groovepages builder and I think you will too.

This platform is growing and developing as it responds to what the user wants from a software platform. And as it evolves you will find that you have found a software that will help you build your digital business from a to z. Now there is no need to worry about the tech side or the cost of your online business as groovepages digital makes everything super easy and affordable.

This is the future!

So get your free account, if it’s still available, and try groovepages out for yourself. I know you’ll love it and want to upgrade when you’re ready.

Free Funnel Builder

When building a profitable internet businesses, sales funnels become very important. When you look around for funnel builders there are a number of choices. With the cost ranging from $100’s to $1000’s and payable every year. Veteran marketers often resent paying out for them and newbies often find them just too expensive.


The lite plan is the ONLY funnel builder that’s free with added hosting and the ability to use with a dedicated domain.


For those just getting started in online marketing it a wonderful free gift. Because now, anyone can get started marketing online without spending a penny. It’s no wonder that this free offer has been taken up by thousands of individuals in such a short period of time.

So if you are just getting started or are a veteran online marketer grab this while it is still available for free. Because once your in for free, you have the guarantee that you will always have a free account.

So where is the catch … I can hear you say!

There isn’t one but there is an up-sell and it’s simple.


As you become more and more successful online. You need more tools and Groovedigital the owners of Groovepages can supply them for a great value for money investment.

The money is made when you upgrade.

And lots of people upgrade because they love the platform so much.

It’s working on a try for as long as you want … before you buy, principle.

So get stared today for $0 before this crazy offer is withdrawn.

Yes, there are other website, landing pages and sales funnel builders available. But these tend to be built with old technology. The advantage of the software is that it’s free but it’s also a state of the art software.

I know this review has been very positive because I use it every day and having used other software like this, I know how good it is. The software isn’t perfect and that is because it’s so new and some issues do crop up as more and more folk use it for different things. However, these are soon sorted out.

Yes there are other options such as Kartra, InfluencerSoft, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, convertri , Builderall and there may be a few others. But in my opinion none come close to groovepages.

This has been my personal GroovePages review MY ADVICE GET STARTED NOW! >>

Your Questions

 What Is groovepages ?

Groovepages is a very easy to use drag and drop funnel page builder for internet marketers. It's been developed to help all kinds of businesses and online marketers create ultra-professional websites by using the most up to date state of the art technology to simplify all internet marketing needs. If you want to create sales funnels that convert, websites that attract, or landing pages that build lists, then Groove Pages is a great cloud based software you must investigate. 

Here is a software tool that allows you to build websites, pages and funnels. It is one of the more impressive and superior tools, produced by Mike Filsaime, and his team.

It’s the “state of the art” of on-line page-creation tools, and is devised to rise above other page builders such as Kartra, Clickfunnels, Wix, Builderall, LeadPages, Builderall and all the other page builders. In a very short time it has risen to be the forerunner in digital page builders.

Groovepages is now leaving behind all of the competition.

This is because the GroovePages app is not just a first class high converting funnel builder but also the top money-making landing page creator. You can also use this to create outstanding websites.

Most, if not all other website makers, and page creators, use a “Bootstrap” framework and the problem is it’s over 9 years old. An age in website development and technology, it’s very limiting. Using up to the minute frameworks, this works much, much faster, giving it a HUGE advantage over the competition.

Also…the groovepages software system hosts sites on Amazon servers, which is the best hosting that money can buy.

What this means for you is that your pages load faster so less people will be likely to bounce away because of slow loading speed. This is a major ranking factor.

Also as an aid to your ranking Groove CM, is the first to work to the Google’s “mobile-first indexing” recommendations. This means, your pages and websites built with this page builder, will be automatically optimized for mobile search, and will rank higher in the search engine results, bringing you more visitors.

How Do I Use Groovepages ?

Using the groovepages software is just like any other sales funnel software. You add sections, columns, rows and elements like text, images, video, etc. Then when happy with your creation hit the button to publish to the world.

Yes. Unlimited bandwidth and storage!

Is there free hosting ?

Yes. Unlimited bandwidth and storage!

Key Groovepages Features

We’ve cited some of the elements earlier, but let’s take a brief look at a few of the really important aspects of GroovePages.


VUE.js Framework – This might be too technical but it’s a fact that the HTML render and modern javascript framework technology, used by Groovepages makes it stand ‘Head and Shoulders’ above other antiquated page creators.


Mobile-First indexing – Groove is the first to focus on mobile indexing, as Google prefers. This is essential to get your web-sites to rank high in the Google search engine results.


Amazon.com Hosting – Using the best hosting means that you will enjoy very fast page speeds which is very important for the website user experience that Google wants.


Complete website imports – Groove uniquely will allow the owner the website to import any site completely or partially.


Free Hosting with a Free Plan – Lite, gives you totally free hosting. No need to pay any hosting for your websites…at all! This is incredible! 


This has been my groovepages review.

I hope you’ll try groovepages out and come to love this software as much as me.

Address for Affiliate program

GrooveDigital LLC

200 E Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 7

Boca Raton, FL 33432

United States



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