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GrooveMail Review

Review of Mike Filsaime's Ground Breaking

New Email Service

See For Yourself Why This State Of The Art Email Software Is A Choice You Must Consider!

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Welcome to my Groovemail review, as you read this article you will see how this GrooveMail CRM service is a step above most of the other email business services available. In fact you may well be using some of these inferior products yourself when it comes to emails. You will also see how this works for your groovefunnels affiliate account, which is part of the groove family.

Groovemail Email Marketing Tool

Groovemail is part of the groovefunnels digital marketing suite of tools. As a result you will find a smart modern design for emails and an exceptional easy to use groove interface. And this groove mail component has full autoresponder function and list imports. You can easily tag email subscribers, contacts, customers and a host of other stuff. It works seamlessly with groovefunnels and the other free features within the Groove.Cm platform.

If you’ve not got your free Groovepages account yet you can see our groovepage review here.

You’ll love the fact that with the Groovemail program there's a lot of automation and it really does outshine the likes of Infusion-soft, Getresponse and ActiveCampaign apps. You are able to tag leads to segments and lists with groove mail.

But of course when communicating online your number one are of concern is always the deliver-ability rates, open rates and click through's. You will be delighted with these when you begin to use this groove e-mail service along with groovefunnels.

The automation system of an email program is also what is important for online marketers as we want to be able to set up campaigns or sequences as they are known in GrooveMail. These sequences are predetermined based upon the behaviour of the subscriber. So if they take certain actions the sequence will direct them down a predetermined pathway.

And of course you have a groovemail broadcast area for your general emails and messaging. The ability to add tags, notes and create your own rules and folders will make your email marketing more organized and effective than ever before. The detailed analytics will give you an overall and detailed view of all your Groovemail activity.

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The Best Autoresponder on the Market

Online marketers, like me, are always on the lookout for a cost effective email autoresponder service and free business features. Because we know that email marketing, when done right is still one of the most profitable ways to market. Giving a high return on any investment of time and money.

But e-mail marketing can be one of the hardest and most frustrating ways to market online. Because of the limitations of some software. With groovefunnels we want high deliverability and open rates that lead to high conversion rates. Groovemail and it's free features helps with the first but then it’s down to your skill for everything else related to emails.

Your groovemail communication must seek to develop the know, like and trust factor. And always needs a clear helpful message showing you are a trustworthy and genuine individual that can help them get exactly what they want.

Not everyone is good at this, so you’ll be glad to know that inside the groove platform there are many free business features and a lot of training on using email.

Imagine …

No more forgotten, delayed or lost emails.

Significantly less overwhelm, loss of time and frustration.

The ability to turn tedious and time consuming email jobs into an easy to manage streamlined tasks.

Spending less of your time doing "busy" work and more time focusing on marketing.

All is found with your groovefunnels and groove e-mail account. 

There are also many other free features.

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Groovemail in Action

When you start using rules you’ll be able to trigger a campaign or sequence with a variety of options. If folk subscribe to a specific list you start a pathway to a specific destination. When people buy something or when folk visit a specific page on your website you’ll be able to set up custom automated groovemail responses.

You can send an email sequence to people who have been given certain tags. You can split test each and every email you send.

You will be able to do just about anything you want to do with groovemail. And be able to customize almost every step of a subscribers journey or pathway based upon their particular action.

Unsubscribing people from your lists is a must and very easy here.

Choosing your email provider has now become a no-brainer because of the value for money that GrooveMail gives you.

If you're thinking about getting or replacing an email service groovemail should be the first one you look at, as then you will see how good it is when compared with other email providers. You only need to read the business review sites to see how good people think this CRM service is.

The conclusion of this Groovemail review is that this CRM emailer is a world-class marketing and email solution with voice and text broadcasting. A complete CRM with various automation tags. This not only gives you all the traditional email features of other email providers. It has moved email marketing and customer sales up to a different level.

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