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Groovefunnels Review of Groove Funnels Pricing etc

This Groovefunnels review has found that this Groove funnels builder software platform previously known as Groove apps. Is a full collection of 'State-of-the-Art' online marketing tools. Formed to help the online marketer build super-fast websites, sales funnels and effective landing pages, for a very affordable investment.

There is even a FREE FOR LIFE groove lite version.

If you sell or want to sell ideas, products or services online then this Groovefunnels CRM is a software platform app that you really must try. 

groovefunnels benefits simply better to use and more affordable

I am a daily user of the groovefunnels software and I love Groove. The software I have used before has been Kartra, Builderall and Clickfunnels all of which had their problems. Groove CM does have the occasional glitch as it is a really fast growing company. Now is the perfect time to try the plan features out for yourself for free.

So Watch The Video below and be prepared to be surprised, as I was!

After Watching The Groovefunnels Review Video

You can read the rest of this groovefunnels review page, read or watch a lot of other groovefunnels reviews. Or you could evaluate the groove soft-ware platform app yourself at no cost. [credit card not required] By simply getting your own 'free for life' cloud based software and seeing how the plan works for you.

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Groovefunnels Reviews 

I’ve yet to find a groovefunnels review that doesn’t like this lifetime free suite of internet marketing tools. For example this is what Bob Proctor, CEO of the Proctor Gallagher Institute had to say about groovefunnels app. "I recently discovered a remarkable set of new tools for having a website and more, and I think it's fantastic. I'm moving much of my business on to this new website page maker and funnel builder, and onto the other wondrous services they provide, from email marketing, to membership areas, to videos, webinars and more!"

The funnel building software is part of the Groove digital company which offers apps such as GroovePages (the website and landing page creator), GrooveMail (the complete email service tool) and GrooveSell (the affiliate and e-commerce software).

GrooveAds, GrooveKart and GroovePay are other services provide as is Groovefunnels affiliate program and there will be a steady plan and feature development over time. 

Groovefunnels is a state of the art page builder, with a simple drag and drop interface. It uploads faster than Clickfunnels , Kartra or Leadpages. And GrooveFunnels uses Wireframes and has a stack of ready to go templates that are easy to create and customise.

Here is another Groovefunnels customer review.

"My mind is blown - 1 month ago I started promoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate... I have made over $30,000 in expected commission in just 1 month. As a newbie affiliate marketer, I am so thankful for this opportunity to promote such a game-changing all-in-one solution that is going to change the landscape of the funnel industry! Thank you to Groove Digital and their entire leadership team for all you do! This is life-changing! Wishing everyone the best on their Groove affiliate venture! Happy Saturday"

 Angie Norris - Verified Member

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Groovefunnels Digital Personnel

groovefunnels personnel

The Founders of the company are some of the best software developers, online influencers and digital marketers. 

Mike Filsaime who is one of the smartest digital marketers around who has achieved outstanding success with internet courses and cutting edge soft-ware platform products. Before creating this groovefunnels platform Mike was behind Kartra, Ever Webinar, Webinar Jam, Pay Dot Com, Deal Guardian, the famous Butterfly Marketing and the Evergreen Business System.

He has been involved with more $1 Million Dollar launches for different brands than anyone else. And generated more than $125,000,000 by developing helpful soft-ware tools designed for the on-line marketer. That eliminates the overwhelm and frustration of running an internet business.

John Cornetta has operated a number of on-line stores generating a six-figure income every month. His experience of the eCommerce business and his sales expertise has helped make this one of if not the best platform for eCommerce.

The CTO is Matt Naus who has extensive knowledge of building soft-ware that is world-class and state of the art. He is the go to person at groovefunnels for small business start-ups and internet entrepreneurship.

The main architect of the GrooveKart platform is Matt Seralta a former Office Depot consultant. And used to be the Chief Operating Officer of Prestashop. He has operated for many years in a senior and executive-level position and is highly experienced in e-commerce, P&L, administrative operations and of course sales.

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poster do things easier and faster than before with groovefunnels

The team have created an amazing stand-alone soft-ware platform with Groovefunnels that beats all of its rivals such as Builderall, Leadpages, Kartra and ClickFunnels. There is no doubt that this team has some smart software developers and some outstanding on-line sales marketers.

And there is no doubt that Groovefunnels pro is disrupting the marketplace and is a game-changer for digital marketing.

If you are an experience on-line entrepreneur or a newbie just starting out on a wonderful adventure.

Then this groove suite of on-line business tools and apps is exactly what you need to run a very profitable online business. Now there is no need to spend large sums of money on on-line business tools such as websites, funnels, landing page creators, webinars, email services, sales CRM and more. Because for a fraction of the cost you had before you can have better more versatile all in one lifetime tools and apps at hand.


Will Groovefunnels Be Right For You?

The answer is yes for whatever you want it for. Even if it is just a private free website. Why wouldn’t you. 

However, if you are involved in any kind of online business such as blogging, content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, any product or service to sell, need membership sites, then grab Groovefunnels today. The same goes if you are a website designer, a funnel builder, a SEO marketer or course creator.

If you run a business regardless of its size Groovefunnels app is something you would be mad to overlook.

The reason is the sheer width of the plan features, apps and services on offer with groove and here you can see what’s included.















And more features and apps are being developed all the time!

So let’s take a look at the various Groovefunnels features.

Let’s start with the #1 tool:

The main and most popular tool is GroovePages because it is so versatile in building websites, landing pages and funnels. This is one of the best ways sell products and services online whatever your business. My advice is to sign up for your free groovefunnels account and play around with it to see what it can do.

Once you’ve tried the plan features you won’t want to use anything else. You can build things from scratch using code if that’s what you want to do. But most I guess will be like me and just use some of the stunning templates. Adapting them to suit. Groovefunnels seamlessly integrates with a host of email providers as well as being able to display any email service. 

Everyone online needs an email and the free Gmail etc are not always the best as they are used by so many spammers.

This is where GrooveMail comes in. This email service is ideal for general broadcasting messages and as an ongoing automated auto-responder. Email marketers love this tool as it’s great for sales broadcasts, text, SMS and voice broadcasting. 

 With this email service you can:-

Import email lists from other sources or add subscribers individually, simply and quickly.

Create html and basic text emails or you can use eye catching full color ones. Just choose from one of the many themes or once again you can create your own. Track your delivery, open and click-through rates so you will have all the analytics you need to be able to send better emails.There is also a follow up feature to make your online sales marketing easier with groovefunnels..


GrooveSell is a very adaptable affiliate and sales marketing tool. You can use this to sell services and/or products online. This will be very helpful for any online business but especially for Authors, Speakers, Consultants, Software Developers and Course Creators.

With the GrooveAffiliate software, you will be able to recruit affiliates, manage the payments and provide detailed analytics and reporting. This provides a flexible and adaptable affiliate management solution for any kind of online marketing. This is an easy way to both sell stuff and find affiliates without paying heavy fees to do so.


GrooveBlog is an easy way to publish search optimized content to the right audience.

Mike Filsaime created Ever Webinar and Webinar Jam. Here he has built an ever better software in GrooveWebinar that produces evergreen automated or live webinars.


Every online marketer knows you can’t overemphasis the power of video. And with most internet content set to be video in the future. GrooveVideo is an indispensable tool in generating leads and growing an online businesses.

Many marketers have in the past turned to these as an alternative to YouTube. With Groove Video you can have more control as to auto-play, player controls and player skins. Embedding videos is easy as is sharing them to social sites.

Think of Wistia or Vimeo but with more flexibility to use them as a marketing asset. As you can optimize and automate for generating leads for your business. It’s easy to incorporate (CTA) calls-to-action and tags. As well as incorporating analytics and A/B testing so you can understand know how viewers are engaging with your videos.

GrooveMember is a membership management system that offers different access levels. The responsive gated area can be used for paid or free access and is ideal for online courses, dripped content, summits, workshops, masterclasses and any content you wish to protect and have control over.

GrooveMarketplace is similar to the marketplace at Clickbank. The aim is rival clickbank by offering high quality tools and products for affiliate marketers.

GrooveKart is a powerful alternative shopping cart similar to Sam Cart, Shopify, Pay Kick Start or Thrive Cart.

GrooveDesk is a full helpdesk and customer support software.

GrooveCalender works something like Calendly but it integrates with the GrooveMail program. If you’re a consultant, coach, freelancer, or someone who works by appointment you will find this very helpful. Because when someone books an appointment, they added to a workflow and email sequence. Triggering an automated email of your choice.

Surveys are an effective way to create inter-activity and stimulating feedback from a target market. A great way to generate high quality leads. GrooveSurvey is a tool that will help you build professional surveys. This too can be integrated with GrooveMail so you can build your email list with automated communication. You can also use GrooveQuiz the same way.


GrooveAds is an ad network run by a team with a combined experience of over 50 years. They mainly focus on Google Ads, YouTube Advertising and Facebook Ads. This team will handle everything to do with your ads. From the sales creatives, copywriting and building your sales funnels.


GroovePay gives a much better merchant processing service for online businesses. It offers amazing service and value as you can securely accept Credit Cards. You’ll also save on processing fees by over 35%.


GrooveFunnels takes sales and tools training together with customer support very seriously. So they have provided a first class training resource Groove Digital Academy where members receive the very best video courses from outstanding marketers and sales trainers.

And of course for any query whatsoever there is always the support center. Which is supplemented with a unique searchable knowledge base for instant first hand answers about anything.

The Groovefunnels Community

groovefunnels community

Once you join Groovefunnels cm you’ll see that there’s a large and very active community. There’s a Facebook group of 86,890, at the time of writing, that is ideal for networking, help, support and networking. 

There are also Groovefunnels Workshops these are taken by Rey Perez and Dave Van Hoose. These free tutorial workshops are held 4-6 times a year. And are only accessible by Groovefunnels members.

How Much Does Groovefunnels Cost

Well for the basic plan there is no charge as it’s free for life. However all the other stuff is payable. As you will see once inside the members area with your free account. There are many flexible pricing options available including a lifetime deal. And Groovefunnels is a lot better than Clickfunnels on price.

It’s broken down at the moment to three different plans.

The Silver

The Gold

The Platinum

I would say start with the free plan and as you do you will be offered a special deal for exactly what you want. For your free account there is no requirement for credit card particulars. And this gives you access to Groovefunnels, GroovePages and GrooveSell for free.

You are also enrolled automatically in the groovefunnels affiliate system so anyone you introduce to Groove is hardcoded as your introduction. And there is no way that can be removed while you are a member. Whenever they decide to upgrade and most do over time, you’ll get paid. So there is no reason to delay telling others about this amazing platform.

Before upgrading take this soft-ware for a test drive with a groovefunnels free trial membership. Also to see exactly how much this will save you just do a comparison with groovefunnels vs clickfunnels and vs kartra. You will be blown away by how better the plan features are!


More Reviews Of Groovefunnels

"I am loving this GrooveFunnels. I woke this morning to see another paid in full lifetime sale. My 3 sales have totally paid for my lifetime fees. I couldn't contain my excitement and had to share it with you all. This thing sells itself." Peter Roden

Verified Member.

"Before joining the GrooveFunnels affiliate program I was heavily struggling selling my own software and building a profitable online business. Just after promoting GrooveFunnels for 6 weeks I made more than $10,000 in affiliate commissions.

I was hesitant to upgrade because I was still using and promoting a competing software suite but just after doing some research, I really liked how much Mike Filsaime and the team care about the technology AND their affiliates. The pages I’ve build with GroovePages load so much faster than anything else I’ve used in the past and getting 40% commissions and 10% Tier 2 commissions automatically is something you will not find in any other affiliate program these days anymore.

If you are still on the fence, I highly recommend to do some more research and learn a bit about the difference between Bootstrap and the new Java-Script framework VUE.JS that’s used by GrooveFunnels and you’ll see that using AND promoting GrooveFunnels is really a no-brainer for everyone."  Martin Boeddeker Verified Member.

"If you are thinking of promoting GrooveFunnels then let me provide some context. In 2019 I came across a product called GroovePages, this in itself didn’t catch my eye, the name attached to it did.. Mike Filsaime.

I have been in digital marketing since 2002 and have known some of the biggest players in this field and have known for a long time that Mike is truly one of them. I thought to myself that if he is behind this then it’s going to be a success!

Once I had a look at the product I could see straight away what his team was trying to do to eliminate the need for endless software that need to be pieced together with a degree in coding to be able to do it. Groove was different, they were about to re-invent what is needed in digital marketing to provide EVERYTHING under one roof which will integrate easily with each other without any need for coding or ‘join together’ software like Zapier.

I decided to jump on board as an affiliate during their launch and set about placing their funnel & website builder “GroovePages” immediately on Google with my unique Google ranking system and within a week I was already making more money than I had with any other affiliate launch.

I was even the first ever guest trainer with “GrooveDigital Presents” (Free training provided at no extra cost to the community every Friday) There really is no question of if you ‘should’ promote GrooveFunnels, it’s really a case of ‘when’. If you do it now then you can really make a difference (and a lot of money) or you can choose later when it’s way more of a red ocean.

I wish to offer a personal thank you to Mike Filsaime, Joe Jablonski, Donna Fox & the team for all your help and support. You guys truly ROCK!"  Paul Murphy Affiliate Tube Success.

Groovefunnels Reviews Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Groovefunnels Legit?

Is a question those who haven't heard of Groove, groovefunnels, groovesell, groovepages before ask. Because they can't believe the true value of the soft-ware, And the financial benefit of the two tier affiliate payment system. This is how to really ramp up your earnings as you’ll earn even when the people you’ve introduced, introduces people. There is no doubt that owning and promoting the Groovefunnels soft-ware platform as an affiliate is a smart way to make money.

Do The Funnel Pages Load Fast?

Yes, because your pages are already on the web. So unlike ClickFunnels Groovefunnels doesn't have to upload your site every time a page request is made on the internet. This means you can forget slow page loading times. Also only the latest “Mobile-First Indexing” by Google is used. The pages are hosted on Amazon servers the best servers money can buy.

Is SSL Included?

Yes. FREE SSL is included.

Is There Groovefunnels Hosting?

Yes. FREE Unlimited bandwidth and storage!

Are Groove Funnels Good?

I think so and many reviewers reflect the same opinion. If you are still in some doubt, grab your free account and test all the plan features and apps for yourself.

Is GrooveFunnels better than Clickfunnels?

They are both good companies and I used to use Click Funnels. I switched to Groovefunnels because the cost is much much lower. And the soft-ware platform is up to date state of the art that has lots of advantages over the older, slower and clunkier software of Clickfunnels. Any doubts give both a try and make up your own mind.

This Groovefunnels Review Is Personal

My journey with internet marketing has always been about discovery.

When I discovered digital marketing, it was about building an audience and then encouraging them to achieve greatness. That is exactly what groovefunnels is all about: encouraging people to create, share and succeed with digital marketing.

As a result, I have become a keen advocate for online marketing – something which I had previously contributed to but now see as an important part of prosperous living.

Why should you select groovefunnels?

It's earned lots of people over over $100,000 in sales revenue since launching. And has helped me earn significant money with affiliate commissions by promoting it across the globe.

A funnel is a process that I follow every single day, in order to earn top affiliate commission from really professional landing pages. These are template landing pages that are designed specifically to funnel visitors into my affiliate account. Typically, they have a free account to start, and then the Groovefunnels marketing department is designed to lead people to a purchase action that leads directly to a commission payment for me.

Today I want to encourage you to join my favorite affiliate service, groovefunnels. They not only provide you with all of the, state of the art, tools and apps you need. They also give you all the free training you could want on the tools and marketing on-line. You would be crazy to not look at what they do. So Follow the links on this page and get started with groovefunnels at least with your free account.

This groovefunnels review --- Gives a big YES.


Address for Affiliate program

GrooveDigital LLC

200 E Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 7

Boca Raton, FL 33432

United States



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