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Groove CM Affiliate

Discover why being a Groove CM affiliate is a great decision.

Groove.cm is an all-in-one online sales and marketing software platform with many apps. These include: a full website builder, sales funnel creator, specialist affiliate program software, membership site and video hosting. There is also a blog creator, email marketing service, eCommerce stores and much, much more!

As a Groove Affiliate member, you get automatic and exclusive access to one of the best affiliate programs in the industry.

With our the Groove CM Partner Program you will get paid weekly, so your promotion efforts are rewarded quickly.

Affiliates are receiving 40% commissions recurring for life on a service that is in high demand with over 500,000 joining the service in less than one year. This demand is set to be even bigger as Groove becomes even more recognised as the industry leader.


To discover more about Groove.cm affiliate program click here.

When you get your free software account from the link above

you will recieve your exclusive fast start cheat sheet.

And be automatically placed as an affiliate

(in the worlds most powerful affiliate program)

as well as having free access to:-

Complete Affiliate System and

Top Training From The Best Online Marketers

A Full Product Affiliate Marketplace

Easy Content Delivery

Analytics and Data

When you take action today

 BONUS  Funnels Masterclass($497.00 Value)

 BONUS  Training from 28+ proven top experts

($1184.00 Value)

To discover more about Groove.cm affiliate program click here.

Groove Promotion Tools

As a groovefunnels digital affiliate you will have full access to all the tools you need to maximize your conversion for big commission payouts.

Also there is the unique Groove Affiliate Assist which works like this. When you get someone to join Groove as a free account holder, they are connected to you forever. And when they upgrade to being a paid member you will get paid commission.

If you get them to upgrade, you get paid the full commission. If Groove cm inc prompt the upgrade, you still get paid the full commission. But, if another Groove cm affiliate gets your contact to upgrade, they deserve to be paid too. So the commission is split 50/50.

That’s why this groove affiliate program is so awesome….

Your Affiliate Offer

As an affiliate with groove you are able to offer software as a service or saas. This is one of the most lucrative and in high demand sectors of the affiliate marketing area. 

The development and sale of software development is a multi-billion dollar business, and new varieties are created and released almost every day. When it comes to online marketing and the internet businesses in general, there are many releases. Some good, some bad with most being average. With Groove Digital you have great and outstanding. This is why you want to grab your affiliate status with both hands.

Marketing software such as Groove.crm are vital for any business, including established businesses seeking to go online, existing online businesses and individual digital marketers who want to make money from home. The problem, with all the different software out there, which platform is the best?

The choice of software for building websites, creating sales funnels, sending emails and having effective online shopping carts only brings confusion for the average business owner.

Also, normal business owners often find that many software products are too complicated, and conflict with each other. Then, they are often dismayed when they see the high monthly or annual cost.

It’s because of these reasons, that the groove software was developed. This cloud based software platform is a collection of online tools especially designed for online business owners, but without the expensive price tag or the complexity of other software. Now every business can be helped because not only is Groove easy to use, it is also free.

As an affiliate you make your money when people upgrade to a paid version and lots and lots of people, just like me, do.

So your role as an affiliate is to give away as many free plans as you can.

Yes you can work to convert the free account holders into buyers. And the groove marketing team will be doing the same.

If you just stop and think about your opportunity here. You will see that it's huge. Now is the time to get started as a Groove CM Affiliate.

Address for Affiliate program

GrooveDigital LLC

200 E Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 7

Boca Raton, FL 33432

United States



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